Rosalind Tucker

Creator of quality dishes and thinker of fresh ideas.

Rosalind Tucker, CEO and Executive Chef of Tucker’s Catering since 2007 was born in New Britain, Connecticut. Rosalind began cooking as a hobby for her family and friends where she immediately recognized her love for cooking. Her natural talent for turning the simplest dishes into culinary works of art has captivated the hearts of many. Rosalind, partnering with her husband, James Tucker, have taken Tucker’s Catering beyond their wildest dreams. The Tucker’s began an incredible culinary journey and is currently celebrating its 10th year anniversary. Touting Norcross, Georgia as the City’s “best-kept secret.” Currently, Tucker’s Catering is far from a secret any more.

Rosalind’s distinguished career achievements have been recognized throughout her tenure. Most recently Rosalind is named the best caterer in her headquarters’ location of Norcross. Tucker’s Catering has received several notable awards and accolades for outstanding culinary cuisine; however, Rosalind’s signature award-winning dishes speaks fluidly of her love for cooking. Her Citrus Salmon and Smoked Gouda Pasta both are prepared in her signature citrus sauce for the salmon and her smoked gouda’s savory signature pasta sauce.

Rosalind is passionate about creating an excellent dining experience for her clientele. She is committed to going the extra mile to ensure every client is satisfied. Rosalind is an avid listener and a visionary who designs a tailor-made final product that is satisfactory economically and creatively. Tucker’s Catering provides a superior product, with top-notch cuisine, exquisite presentation with impeccable planning.

Rosalind’s clients are anyone with an event or occasion. Her events include, corporate meetings, weddings, and private parties to name a few.