Reviews & Testimonials


"Thank you so much for yesterday, it was delicious, and everyone enjoyed it very much!!!!!"


"The guys really would like to meet you to see who is making such wonderful food for them every friday. They think it's me, but I cannot take credit LOL."


"Our employees thoroughly enjoyed the holiday dinner last week. The Salmon Pasta was a great hit!"


"Everything was perfect! I have been receiving so many thank you’s for recommending Tucker’s for the event. We look forward to our next event with you guys!"


"All of the food was delicious and that amazing cake was unbelievable to look at but even better to eat! I will be sure to tell everyone what a great job you all do."


"Everything was great and the Smoked Gouda Pasta was as good as I remembered.  Thank you so much!"


"I just wanted to let you know that your menu was such a hit and much talked about that I have placed Tucker Catering as my Go-To Catering company."


"Thanks so much for all of your help. Your team was absolutely amazing.  I’m sure we will be in contact soon for another event."


"I wanted to simply state that “Tucker’s Catering” prepared exceptional lunch for our meeting yesterday. I look forward to being able to recommend your services"


"The service, set-up and food were all AMAZING and TOP-NOTCH!!!! As for the food, WOW!!  Not only was it beyond delicious, but we had PLENTY to feed everyone. We will not hesitate to use you all when we have another large event for which we need catering!!"


“We are loving the hot lunch program! We started out at 3 days a week, and increased it to 4 days a week because Maya loves the food so much. I am sure that before long, we may go to the whole week. Not having to make a lunch in the morning or night before is so convenient! Thanks for providing the opportunity to us."


“The new lunch program is wonderful!! The diverse menu is allowing Taylor to try different foods such as fish, which she would not eat.

She came home Friday and said the baked fish on Friday’s menu “blew her mind” because it was so delicious! I love the easy payment options and hot lunch everyday….”


“Everything was absolutely delicious! We all thoroughly enjoyed everything. I especially appreciate not having to worry about anything. Thanks again and again.”



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